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Join the conversation as three pastors who are recovering fundamentalists talk about life, ministry, and their journeys.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 090 - Episode 090 - Taboo Topics Part 2 - Suicide, Burnout, and the Need for Rest (with Brandon Williams)

    Burnout has touched most pastors at some time in their ministry. Laziness and Business are different ends of the spectrum, but they are both dangerous. We are called to live lives that reflect wisdom and balance. Pastor Brandon Williams shares his story of church planting "success" and the high cost ...


  2. 089 - Taboo Topics Part 1 - Porn (with Billy Mills)

    What does the Bible say about pornography? How big of a problem is it? Is there hope and healing? Billy Mills shares his powerful story of redemption and the calling on his life after his experience with pornography that almost destroyed his life, marriage, and family.  ...


  3. 088 - The State of the Union

    JC, Brian, and Nate go live to candidly discuss the Facebook Group and the RFP Network. This episode was complete with a live comment section on YouTube. Spoiler Alert: The Union Stands! ...


  4. 087 - The Importance and Impact of The Reformation (with Dr. James White and Dr. Stephen Boyce)

    Dr. James White and Dr. Stephen Boyce join the RFP in honor of Reformation Day to discuss the lasting impact it has left on the world. God always purifies His church and God uses flawed men to accomplish great things. We have much to learn from history, positive and negative, if we ...


  5. 086 - When Culture and Conviction Collide (Part 2) (with Mike Peters and Bob and Kelly Radank)

    Bob and Kelly Radank tell the rest of their story. The hero of their story is God and He is using the trials we face for our good and His glory. ...